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  • Camilla Nara Thorsen


Try the game here.

Global gamejam 2020 in Oslo. The theme was 'repair' and I came up with the idea of being a flower that always need to refill with water to be able to conitnue the game. If you don't reach the water in time, you'll pop and die. The idea is that you have to get in different stages of the character depending on how much water you have absorbed, which makes it possible to get into different places.


Illustrator: Camilla Nara Thorsen

Animators: Thorbjørn Aardal & Camilla Nara Thorsen

Level Designers: Simon Kjøl Jacobsen & Jørgen Stolt Steinset

Programmers: Fredrik Haugen & Karl Jones

Sound Design: Théo Nogueira

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